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*Student Engagement and Leadership Office

The Office of Student Engagement and Leadership is located on the 2nd floor of Pearsons Hall.

Alpha Sigma Tau (AST)

Alpha Sigma Tau promotes the ethical, cultural, and social development of its members.

Anthropology Club (ANT)

Anthropology Club seeks to provide community and resources for all students at Beloit College with an interest in Anthropology and furthering awareness of the discipline on campus.

Art Club (ART)

Art club is a space for creative collaboration of any kind, as well as a space for the appreciation of art in it's many forms.

Astronomy Club (AC)

The purpose of Astronomy Club is to create a place within which students can discuss subjects from a variety of astronomical-science backgrounds in an academic space and participate in the STEM community at Beloit College as well as at the national level

Ballroom Dance Club (BDC)

The purpose of the Ballroom Dance Club is to provide a forum for students interested in Ballroom Dance to enjoy social dancing and/or perfect their skills in the technical, artistic, and athletic aspects of Ballroom Dance.

Barrels of Ink (The Beloit College Writing Circle)

The purpose of this club is to provide a safe environment for like-minded writers to form a community and designate a specific time where they can step away from the pressures of academics and regular school activity and write unhindered.

Be the Match on Campus at Beloit

We are an organization dedicated to providing hope and cures for patients with leukemia, lymphoma, and other types of blood cancer. We host several fundraising events each semester and have drives to added new members to the national bone marrow registry

Beloit Amnesty International Student Group (BAISG)

Student group to support and promote Amnesty International and international human rights on campus through activism and education.

Beloit Bike Co-op (BIKE)

The Bike Club exists to build bike culture and community on campus and support bike riders of all stripes. We aim to help build a sustainable future for Beloit, and create a free and open bike shop to serve as a community resource and meeting place.

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